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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  December 6, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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ryslated the conditions of his release by getting arrested again, he ordered al-basheere to turn him in. when he didn't, the marshals went to his home this morning where he set himself on fire after dousing himself with gasoline. after 8:00 this morning, witnesses heard an coming from n street northwest. employees of the car wash next door who declined to go on camera said they saw a female deputy marshal standing next to a man on fire and the marshal's hair and lands were burned. as the employees grabbed a fire extinguisher, other marshals used jackets and their hands to put out the flames. >> the details that i have received that far is that it happened quickly. >> reporter: when they first arrived, his wife said he was not home and sources say he was found hiding under a stairwell outside of his department w -- apartment. >> we transported two from the scene here and they're severe burns. one of the u.s. marshals and
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the victim himself and is they were transported to the hospital. >> reporter: al-bashere is from moratania. his attorney said her client was stunned by the charges against him. >> mr. bashere is a young man who was extraordinarily troubled by the allegations against him and maintains his innocence and he felt he was being wrongly accused and that had an affect, i think, on his -- he wasn't able to handle that well. >> and al bashere maintains innocent and the most seriously burned marshal, a woman suffered head and -- wounds to the head and hand and the other injured marshal was burned on the hand when is he tried to put out the flames. >> and both deputy nationals were admitd to the burn unit and the exact conditions are unclear and the judge in the
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case wanted him locked up after violating the conditions of his release after getting arrested for dwi, laura. >> any idea what his wife is saying about this? >> i know his wife is spoken with his attorney. i don't know any really more than, that laura, at this point and she was at home initially and said her husband was not there and we understand she took her daughter to school and when she came back, she saw all the firefighters and the nationals -- marshals at the scene. >> we'll follow this one. thank you, paul wagner. and a developing story tonight. an amber alert issued for an abducted virginia girl. the police are looking for 12- year-old britney smith, straight farm hair and brown eyes and -- in a home in salem. the police believe she may have been abducted by jeffrey scott easley and the suspect mean in the mother's car, a silver 2005 dodge four-door sedan with
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virginia tags xkf 2365 or a 2,000 red chevrolet suv, tag number xpr 4366 and if you have information, call 911. a still-developing story as well. tragedy at a prince georges elementary school. a student died unexpectedly while classes were in session and that happened in fort washington. maureen umeh has more. >> reporter: it happened after 10 this morning and, according to the parents of a student close to the victim, an hour ago, the sixth grade girl collapsed during a gym class and died. a letter was support home to parents saying that the death was not the result of a fight or altercation at the school and as some thought earlier. classes will continue with grief counselors and they will be back tomorrow. the victim is a girl in the sixth grade and beyond that, not much is known about any
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health issues she may have had that may have led to her unexpected death. >> we gathering information now to determine what happened. right now, our focus and attention is on the family and our hearts and condolences go out to the family members. again, we have people who will be available tomorrow for staff and students tomorrow. >> reporter: now, prince georges county police tell me they're investigating the student's death and say that it's routine in cases like this. back to you. a massive fire raging in downtown baltimore. if you're familiar, this is that section infamous called the block, where all the strip clubs are and these pictures uploaded to twitter by lila shapiro and you can see the hey, black smoke flooding over the city and that is in front of city hall. a five alarm blaze in east baltimore street and there is
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notice wonder -- no word on the cause or injury and more details and video as soon as we get it. major changes in prince georges can'ty in the midst of a big controversy. baker is sworn in as the new county executive while his predecessor remains under federal investigation for corruption. the wife took the oath and is under investigation, too. the new police chief is under -- today and named by the new county exec. karen gray houston was at today's inauguration. >> reporter: and baker is not wasting time getting down to business. he's fired the police chief and replaced him with an interim and is dealing diplomatically with leslie johnson who, along with her husband, the former county exec, are both facing felony craig charges. -- corruption charges.
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it's a job he wanted for a long time and ran for often. >> not once, not twice, but three times. [ laughter ] three times the charm. >> reporter: hold off in the frigid cold, he never once directly motioned the names of jack or leslie johnson, but their very presence was a reminder of the fbi investigation and the charges against them, of destruction of evidence and witness tampering. baker handled the matter delicately. >> we have the skill and the will to be first in education, first in job creation, first in public safety and, yes, first in integrity. [ applause ] >> reporter: just last month, the fbi agents arrested the johnsons in an alleged bribery scandal involving public officials. the court documents said leslie johnson flushed a $100,000 check down the total and stuffed $80,000 in cash in her bra when agents came knocking and before baker was sworn in
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today, incoming council members took the oath of office and that included leslie johnson, accompanied by her husband. >> that i will support the constitution. >> of the united states. >> of the united states. >> and that i will be faithful. >> and that i will be faithful. >> reporter: the rumored protest didn't take place. but while inauguration guests politely acknowledged the johnson's, they were more thrilled to usher in baker and a new era and that included officials from neighboring d.c. and what is next happens now. >> and we announced we're going to put an acting police chief and acting fire chief in and we'll make department head changes. >> reporter: the new interim chief is the longtime veteran magar replacing hilton and that is when three police officers were arrested as part of the federal corruption investigation and there is a new sheriff in up to, or county
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exec. baker named the new fire chief, mark bashere, a retired veteran of the prince georges county fire department and with immediate changes as well as with the department of finance and budget. >> does anyone know what happened to the expected protests of leslie johnson being sworn in and there did not appear to be booing of her and her husband, despite the negative spotlight. was that a surprise? >> you know, jack johnson has friends in prince georges county. a lot of people benefited under his leadership and there were some police officers who prevented the media from rushing back and trying to talk to them after the ceremony was over, but i think the feeling that i got from people in the crowd is that these are concerned county residents and they wanted to take the high road. >> thank you, karen gray houston. and -- impartialal et.
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>> and inauguration day in montgomery county as well. all of them for the next four years, this is leg the's second term as -- legett's second term as county executive. reserving the status quo, that is the likely outcome on taxes and unemployment. the democrats would give up the fight on letting tax cuts expire on those making more than $250,000 the republicans will give in on than extension of benefits. nothing changes. >> and we have to find consensus here. a middle class tax hike would be very tough not only on working families but a drag on our economy. >> and. >> to make sure we're coming up with a solution and, even if it's not 100% of what i want or what the republicans want. >> the deal could be done by the end of the week. another chapter in the drama known as albert haines
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world trade center. once again, taking center stage. yesterday's blowout loss to the giants is an after thought compared to albert being placed on the active list. how close are we to reaching the end game? davfeldman has more. >> reporter: depends on who you believe. the end is getting closer and that coach is fed up. the teammates are voicing their frustration and the last thing 5-7 is a daily dose of the soap opera called disgruntled albert. and he was a spectator the fourth time in year and practiced on thursday and according to the head coach, it was not one of his best and albert was sick on friday arriving one minute late for practice and was limited or didn't practice and depending on who you believe. there are two very strong- willed men and that appears redskins park is becoming too small for both of them. and that would have been nice, you know, i talked to ---- the
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team and he was home that it was not planned. >> i will sit down and talk to albert myself and i know you want to ask questions and to talk about it more and we'll talk more about that on wednesday, okay? and i can be more thorough and tell you about how our conversation went. >> and he's not going to let one guy or one person come and destroy what we have. you put the team first and think about the future and things that we have to do and if you don't -- you don't play and that is -- . >> and the guys are fed up. the skipping of the offseason workouts, the 10 days to pass a conditioning test, the big check and when is enough enough? we'll discuss that topic when jason rhee and doc walker join me. and see you then. congress is not done with the
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tsa just yet. one lawmaker is pushing for new laws on the body scanners. beth. >> smooch these peel are marching. they want's particular doctor out of maryland. the too cold for you? i'm sorry and that is going to get colder out there. keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is coming back. 
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>> it's one of the most politically-charged issues of our time. abortion and it's heating up again because of the presence of the particular doctor who performed late-term abortions. beth parker has this story today. beth? >> reporter: it doesn't normally make news when a doctor moves his or her practice from one look to another and this is not anee rd doctor. he's -- an ordinary doctor. -- doctor. he performs late-term abortions and make up a small fraction of the abortions performed eachier in the country but the issue gets a lot of attention and they call themselves an army, saying maryland is invaded, invaded by this man, dr. leroy carhart and began practicing monday in this office park in germantown. >> this is not a happy day for our nation and for the state of
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maryland. >> reporter: he performs late- term abortions, that is past 20 weeks. >> we will not be silent. we will not be comply placent while -- complacent after women are being brutalized and which were are dieing. >> reporter: maryland makes exceptions, allowing abortions in cases of teet fetal abnormality. critics say that law should be changed. >> not in my state or watch. we don't approve. >> and -- >> al, mcneil joined the protest, too. graduated from harvard divinity school and is to be ordained. >> i believe that god -- even in dark and hard times, and gives us the freedom to choose. >> reporter: paul volunteers his services with the washington area clinic defense task force and escorts women
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safely. >> when a woman goes to a clinic, she's making a personal decision and making that with her healthcare provider and it's no one's business but hers. >> reporter: dr. robert sprinkle is a medical doctor and professor of public policy. the way he sees it. >> we have made a mess of this. >> and said the u.s. abortion is entirely politicized with no room for finding common ground. >> the political antag nests on both sides are so practiced and entrenched and willing to --up willing to talk with each other that they have become brutal industries. you can have a career in the abortion rights or right-to- life lobbying business. >> reporter: in germantown, that continues and both sides will be there slog it takes and
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antiabortion protestors will keep going there to make appearances as long as the dr. carhart is there. the difference, the doctor just started there and he performs late-term abortions. >> this issue is so divisive and violence is involved. was there a police presence out there today? >> there was, laura, there were about 40 montgomery county police officers on site and wrapped the whole apartment complex in yellow poliare other there in that same complex. as a member of the public, you had toa have an appointment to get into the parking lot. protestors were kept some distance away and that is all peaceful. a new york lawmaker is weighing in on the -- and schumer is proposing a law. the senator is responding to travelers' concerns that the
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scanners are invading their privacy and lisa evers has the latest. >> reporter: becoming an important part of the airline security. some travelers have privacy concerns about full body scanners. the proposed law would make it a federal crime to distribute the imagas. >> the heights -- emings. >> and -- >> that makes it safer, i don't have a problem with it. >> reporter: they don't object and some advocacy groups are worried that they could end up on the internet or the wrong hands. the tsa has safeguards in place to ensure passenger privacy but senator schumer said that there is no law that makes releasing the images a courtroom and is proposing a bill to make it a federal offense and send a message to the public. >> not only will we do what we can to protect your safety but the government should protect your privacy as well. >> reporter: the tsa doesn't
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comment on pending legislation and said that the equipment can not record a store in the images and that the faces of passengers are blurred -- blurred. it says that the tsa officers are not allowed to bring cell phone cameras or recording devices into the screening room and marilyn johnson goes through every week. and doesn't have a problem. >> i -- that my personal scam will be used for anything other than to detect if i'm carrying something on to the plane i'm not supposed to carry. >> reporter: since the congressional term is almost over, it won't be voted on until next year. at laguardia airport, lisa evers, fox 5 news. so motivates, it's cold out there. >> and that likes like we should get used to it and there is not a lot of variation.
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>> and the forecast indicates it's going to be a monthlong ordeal and that is going to be normal. saturday and send, bearing to watch and going to say it's probably the next chance of precipitation, whether that is rain, sleet, snow and that is something we're keeping an eye on and that is the real cold air going screaming across the warm lake way or the others and that is creating lake-effect no and that is coming down good as well in the western mountains of maryland and in west virginia and virginia. they're getting heavy snow there, too and in d.c. and 35 fredericksburg. we'll have the forecast coming up. the cold forecast, the frigid
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forecast, however you want to say it. >> and thank you. facebook got a facelift. >> not everyone is on board. we'll help you navigate the changes and what that means for your profile coming up. 
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>> another major chain is coming -- change is coming to the facebook profile changes. the idea is to reflect users' real lives, emphasizing the photos they post and puts the most recent pictures you were tagged in in your biography and the random friends photos that pop up on the left side of the screen, you will be able to pick the friends that people see there. the bottom line here, it shows advertisers and -- a more complete picture of the target. there is no way to get around this, your personal information is out there when you're online. they're trying to keep advertisers out of your personal business and that may
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not be easy. mary ann rapheerty explains. >> reporter: most people don't realize how much information they sharing in their online lives. >> if i'm going go to the computer and know that everything i'm doing is being tracked and the telemarketers are going after me, i'm going to go on the computer less and do other things. >> reporter: the federal trade commission wants to be able to ask online advertisers not to track your online behavior and it may require a new federal law to do so. >> when the government starts regulating the internet, it's going to cost us money and bad things will happen. >> reporter: the online ad industry is a $12 billion business and right now, the ads pop up after sophisticated tracking mechanisms identified and profiled you. many trackers don't disclose it. and some websites have disclosures but few consumers read them. >> and i think it's going to be good for big business to say we're going to be responsible and what we track and put out
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there. >> reporter: they had a meeting exploring whether congress should explore a do-not-track option for internet users and is unclear how that would work. >> the problem is that technology advances quakily, they can't keep up with it and come up with ways to go around it. >> reporter: for now, there are few choices, anonymous surfing on the web is impossible and keep that in mind when you're online. another option, stop using the internet. >> and this evening, the elizabeth edwards' cancer fight took a turn for the worse. the disease spread to her refert and doctors are recommending against further treatment. her family said she's resting at home and she was first diagnosed in november of 2004 and briefly hospitalized last week after not feeling well. she is 61. the fallout for wiki leaks is just beginning. >> switzerland, freezing bank accounts. the u.s. promising swift action and we're staying on top of the still-developing story. mmmm.
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>> doesn't take a snowstorm for customers to lose their power. day-to-day, the utility's among the least reliable in the nation and now the company wants customers to foot the bill for improvements by raising rates and the company is not making promises that power outages will get better if another major storm hits this winter and sherri ly is here with more on. this. >> reporter: pepco has a five- year plan and has a dismal record. pepco said despite improvements, it said that doesn't make the system bullet proof and if we get another major winter storm, people need to level their expectations when the wind blows and when it doesn't, her lights go out. >> and we've had three events a month. the electricity will go out
5:32 pm
anywhere from 5 minutes to two hours. for no apparent reason. >> reporter: it's a day-to-day problem for pepco. the frequency of outages is among the bottom quarter nationwide and billion half for how long the power stays out. last year, pepco customers in maryland lost power average, twice a year and lasted 3 1/2 hours. and that is clearly not acceptable and there is no denying that. >> reporter: last month, meyers began a petition and collecting signatures, demanding answers from pepco and hasn't gotten any. >> we have health and safety issues with residents of the colony who can't get in and out of their units. >> reporter: earlier, pepco announced an additional $190 million in spinning to improve reliability and that came after the massive power outages during winter storms and which left thousands without power for days.
5:33 pm
as winter approaches, pepco said that it can't guarantee it won't happen again. >> and are we saying there won't be another outage? we're not saying that at all but the frequency will go down considerably. >> reporter: pepco said it's made improvements in the five- year plan. to pay for it, rates will increase by more than $1 per month in maryland and in the district, less than a dollar and judith wants to see the results in months not years. >> and i don't think we should see internittent power outages at all. >> meyers is counting on pepco's promises and pepco said it shouldn't take five years for people to see the change. the goal is to go from the bottom quarter to the top half in reliability and remember, those numbers do not include major storms. >> how did they get into the
5:34 pm
situation in the first place? >> reporter: the reliability took a nose dive the past five years with pepco. the company said that it does have some aging infrastructure but really continues to insist that trees continue to be the biggest problem even though they reported to d.c. regulators that 47% of the company equipment problems was because of equipment failure. they're trying to help improve the communication in the major storms and are installing smart meters to tell the utility when your power goes out and doing more tree trimming andy that doing some limited undergrounding of wires. there are no plans, laura, to underground the entire system. the company has more than 14,000 miles of overhead lines and at 3 1/2 to $11 million a mile, that would cost bottoms. developing news out of
5:35 pm
north korea -- north korea. secretary of state hillary clinton is calling on north korea to change its behavior and to return to peace talks. she met with the foreign minister this afternoon and to discuss ways and four people were killed. more classified information making its way to the public and thanks to wiki leaks. new cable showad tug of war between the u.s. and saudi arabia over funding for terrorism, fueling a fire storm of criticism against the founder. tonight, u.s. attorney general eric holder as a new warning for assange. here's the latest. >> reporter: the attorney general calls the release of classified cables arrogant and misguided. >> the national security of the united states has been put at risk and in the lives of people who work for the american people have been put at risk. the american people themselves have been put at risk. >> reporter: holier adding he recently authorized a number of things to be done to hold those
5:36 pm
responsible accountable. the republican newt gingrich, joining others and calling wike leaks founder an enemy combatant engaged in terrorism and gingrich is critical of how the obama administration is handling the situation. >> you have a private first class who downloads a quarter million documents and the system doesn't say oh, you might be overextended and this is a system so stupid that it should be a scandal in the first order. the administration is shallow and amateurish about national security, it's painful and dangerous. >> reporter: meanwhile, wiki leaks faces financial and operating challenges. the swiss shutting down one of accounts belonging to him claiming he lied of being a swiss resident. the setback leaving him with a few obligations to raise money for the secret-spilling website. the wiki leak servers have come
5:37 pm
under suspected attacks on monday, an alleged attempt to knock the site off-line. >> bottoms and billions of are out of circulation sitting in vaults because they don't look right. the treasury trying to make the new high security, 100-dollar bills last spring. a lot of the bills folded leaving a big blank spot on them and nobody can figure out what went wrong here and nobody knows what to do about it. there is no system to separate good bills from bad and sorting them could take 30 years and that looks like the bad bills will have to be burned. and can you picture it? >> celebrating the holiday season and helping the environment at the same time. don't miss the scoop on what sets these christmas trees a part. we're going to show you the trees. ♪
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like the smell of a real christmas tree. come january -- a california business man is trying to cash in on the trend and -- that -- he delivers a tree to the home and planted in a pot. costs more but the families who do it say it's worth it. >> it's a living thing and that is what christmas is about, the spirit, it's living and giving and this represents that. >> and the owner said families can rent the same tree year after year and the trees are alive and have more moisture. and windy. >> very cold. >> and that is liking like there is no real warm-up. >> and how cold are we talking? >> and that is the question. first, a holiday greeting from our service men and women. >> reporter: hi, i'm chief petty officer janet downy in africa. i would like to say hello to my friends and family in
5:42 pm
alexandra, virginia. see you soon. i love you. 
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>> the economy is hitting so many people hard and so much so, people are having a hard time putting food on the table. think about what you would do if you had $16 to spend on groceries. the food bank this year providing a holiday bag to people needing it and showing them how to make the most of the items inside. >> how's everyone doing this morning? >> reporter: on a tuesday morning, these seniors at a senior living center, are getting a cooking lesson. >> we have flavors that we love during the holidays and i just wanted to show you some ways to get the holiday flavors, though, when we're talking about eating on a budget. >> reporter: most of the people here are on fixed incomes, trying to figure out how to get the most out of their money. part of jody's job as nutrition director for the capital area food bank is to show the
5:46 pm
seniors how to strategically shop for things she called value ingredients. >> value ingredients are versatile, they store well and they're nutritious. >> reporter: and then? >> it squeezes out. >> reporter: show them how to cook, using what they have. >> it's oil and garlic we're going to toss the potatoes and corn in. if you were going to buy two bunky of -- bunches of kale in the grocery store, that is value. in the kitchen, cook a whole huge pot of k ale and dip in through it throughout the week. throw it in an omlet, burrito and soup. >> reporter: today, she showing them how to maximize the items in the holiday bag they receive. >> we're going to do garlicky potatoes with corn and sage. that is going to be our potato dish. i wanted to start off on that and whole that is cooking, then we're going to make pumpkin whipped parfaits. >> reporter: it's a small step in helping seniors like these get through the holidays and all the other days of the year
5:47 pm
without going hungry. gurvir dhindsa, fox 5 news. >> and. >> you don't need to wait until friday to make a donation and look at this. supersimp, right? and text feed cafb to 89944 right now. when you hit send, you confirm the $10 donation to the food bank. reply with the word yes. >> such a wonderful way to give back. >> yes. >> and that is easy to do. >> even i can do that. >> and they. >> and you need to warm it up. >> that is going to stay cold and it's going to be colder, the temperatures tomorrow will be colder than the temperature today and that windchill is about the same. going to stay blustery out there for the day and tomorrow
5:48 pm
and into wednesday. the winds will start relaxing a bit and listen, it's going to stay cold. really cold. only highs in the 30s for the next few days and listen, it's real, real nasty back out to the west. you see the pink counties here. stream western maryland. that is a winter storm warning, okay, that is until tomorrow morning and that is in the western-facing mountains there for western grant, mineral and -- pardon me, it's a blizzard warning and they're talking as much as a foot and maybe two feet of snow blowing around out there and that is in grant county. the winds are coming in strong from the northwest and getting the upslope snow component and that is going to be winter-like out there through the middle part of the week and should get better into thursday and into
5:49 pm
friday. you know it's cold, 33 for the city, gaithersburg 30 degrees and this is what that feels like out there. lower 20s and upper teens for everyone and that is not going to change through the evening hours. the temperatures will drop into the lower 30s and upper 20s, but the winds west, 15 to 30 and that is going to stay mainly in the teens and the lower 20s out there with the windchill factors all night long and look at the snow coming down from the northwest. occasionally, some of this snow came across the mountains and you saw a few flurries out there and most of the snow, the heaviest of the snow where it's piling up, one, two three feet before this is citizen and done and this is a classic example of lake-effect snow out there. tomorrow morning for us, a cold start and 31 stays breezy to windy all day long. and into the mid, some places, upper 30s and the windchill
5:50 pm
value tomorrow will be in the 20s and teens. this is future cast tomorrow morning and look at that snow continues into western maryland, eastern sections of west virginia and with the winter storm warning and blizzard warning is and that is staying breezy and cold for us tomorrow. pretty much the same on wednesday and not quite as breezy and instead of feeling like the teens in the lower 20s on wednesday, we'll probably feel like the temperature, which is going to be in the mid- 30s. you get the idea, the real cold stuff sticks around and we're going to broaden the picture out for you on thursday and there is a couple more storms that we have to deal with. first and foremost, this storm here, which is coming out of the central plains into the midwest and that is a clipper system, should stay north of us. look at the mess to the northwest and coming into the northwestern sections of the country. this is thursday. it looks like by saturday, sunday, this storm right here will come all the way across the country and it will be
5:51 pm
affecting us. it's too early to tell exactly what happens. right now, looks like a cold sunday rain for us and that could start of as -- off as a bit of a mixture early sunday morning and end with some no -- some snow on the back side of the system and the cold stuff. if you were planning a trip this weekend north of the district, there is going to be a big storm off the east coast and that is looks like it's impacting areas north of us. that is send and into monday and that is north of the district, the way it's looking and i'm giving you several dayss notice here that there is a big storm for the northeast and for us, it looks like a cold rain on sunday. again, it might start off as a bit of a mixture and go to that cold rain and end up with the snow on the back end and that is off the five-day forecast. you can see there. uh. >> and we stay in the 30s the next few days and gradually warm up towards the end of the week and that looks like the
5:52 pm
entire month of december is going to remain below normal. >> and what is the average right now in the media? >> 50. >> okay. >> and any time in d.c., we have a high temperature of 35 degrees. >> yeah. >> and we're below average. >> okay. caught on camera, a teenager leads police on a wild chase through the streets of ohio and a dump truck and this is dash cam video. the teen intensionally rammed two cruisers and tried to drive over another, even putting the thing in reverse at one point during the 52-mile chase and the teen crashed into a guardrail and taken into custody on numerous charges. >> and that is quite the video. a hangover star caught on camera in a restaurant brawl in detroit. what happened there, dax? >> and this is mike epps, he was the other drug kidnapped and taken out to the desert in
5:53 pm
the movie and this is the thing, he got into a club fight in detroit last saturday and basically, you see the footage of him inside. he's throwing punches and he gave us the detail. he said he was throwing a birthday party for his wife and a photographer walked in and started snapping photos away. mike asked him to stop multiple times and went to grab the tape from the guy and that is when the brawl -- that brawl erupted and everyone joined in. we tried to contact the photographer and he could not get a hold of him. looks like a case, you know, someone went too far. the photographer went too far. >> any charges that you know? >> not that i know of so far. this did happen last saturday. if they didn't press charges, maybe they won't press any. now to charlie sheen's wife, checking into a sober living facility. another quasi celebrity took her is there their. is that true? >> yes, this is brooke mueller,
5:54 pm
the estranged wife, had a lot of battling with drugs and addict and is now back in the sober house and cathy hilton, paris' mother is the one who dropped her off there. they're good friends and brooke was saying she was battling and is becoming weak. the best thing is to check herself in to be healthy again. >> dax, we'll look for you here at 5:30. >> and fox playing host tonight to the first-ever country award. and the vegas show let's fans vote for their favorites and including rascal flatts. the artists say this show is special because of the fans. >> without them, i wouldn't be out there and without them, i wouldn't be out there touring and making a living doing this. >> i think making the fans vote in this award show more special. it's coming from the people you
5:55 pm
directly effect and that is what we're about since day 1. >> reporter: trace atkins will host tonight, the show airs tonight on fox five. e. coming up -- on fox 5. coming up, will congress reach a compromise on the tax cuts and unemployment benefits. president obama urges lawmakers to put their differences aside. and it's the largest job discrimination case in u.s. history. find out who will decide the fate of a lawsuit filed against wal-mart on behalf of thousands of female workers. and some of you are cranking up the heat as the mercury drops and for others, it's not an option. why a program that helps families gets through the winter is getting the cold shoulder in congress at 6. 
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>> a fox 5 health alert.
5:59 pm
taking aspirin daily may reduce death rates from common cancers. researchers in the uk watched 25 parents and -- patients and found that the aspirin reduced cancer-related deaths by 21% and the study found that taking aspirin daily for five to 10 years reduced mortality overall during that time by about 10%. thanks for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts right now. topping the news edge at 6. time is of the essence as president obama is pushing for a congressional compromise. tonight, with the white house and republicans on capitol hill appear to be zeroing in on an agreement and this is what is on that table. democrats won't raise takes. in return, the gop would vote to extend unemployment benefits


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